Install & Configure

Sonarr – Installation and Configuration

In this section we’re going to install and configure Sonarr. Sonarr is for downloading, renaming and sorting any TV Shows you add – it’s pretty powerful and mature. You can add it via the Quickbox dashboard.

Once installed, you want to setup a login for it. Click on Settings, General and enable Advanced. Change Authentication from ‘None’ to ‘Forms’ and create another set of credentials. Hit save, logout and login and ensure it works. Once you’ve verified this works you can then remove basic auth on this page, there’s a note on doing this in the tips and tricks section.

Next we’re going to hook it up to rtorrent. Settings, Download Client and Click on the big + to setup a new connection.

Select rtorrent, and here are the connection details you want;

Host: Localhost
Port: 443
Url Path: rtorrent
Use SSL: Yes
Username: your_username_when_installing_quickbox
Password: your_password_when_installing_quickbox
category: sonarr
Directory: /home/your_username/torrents/rtorrent/sonarr
Recent Priority: Normal
Older Priority: Normal

Click Test, then save once it’s successfully connected. If it doesn’t connect, here’s an alternative for the ‘Url Path’ /rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php

Indexers is the tab for the source of your media, depending on what you have access to you can use your logins here. In the Media Management tab you can also specify how you want them renamed etc. When adding new Shows, make sure and set their directory to /home/plex/fuse-tv. This is where things get a little tricky.

Because Sonarr needs to know the files have already been downloaded (and can view which still exist), we need to create another folder that’s going to fuse both /home/plex/tv-gd and /home/plex/tv-r, the output of which will be /home/plex/fuse-tv.

What this means is that shows that get downloaded get put into /home/plex/fuse-tv which Sonarr can access and see all the episodes are up to date. Then the episode also gets copied to /home/plex/tv-r. It’s the contents of this folder that then get encrypted and uploaded to google-drive.

If you run into an issue with sonarr unable to write to the folder, you’ll have to recreate the file structure/ownership within /home/plex/tv-r. Unmount via fusermount -uz /home/plex/fuse-tv and comment out the crontab entry for fuse while we make this change. This code below will copy all folders only and no files from your /home/plex/tv-gd to your /home/plex/fuse-tv then via fuse it will carry over to /home/plex/tv-r

cd /home/plex/tv-gd && find . -type d -exec mkdir -p -- /home/plex/tv-r/{} \;
chown -R username:username /home/plex/tv-r

Then just remount your fuse mount again, re-enable the cron and you’ll be good to go.

That’ll be the end of this section, in the next section we’ll get to grips with how to configure Movies.