Radarr – Installation and configuration.

Via the service control center in Quickbox, we can install and enable Radarr with the click of a button. When it’s finished installing, hit close to refresh your browser and you’ll notice a new quick link has been added to the left sidebar.

Setting this up will be almost the same as sonarr, we’re going to use the same fuse setup to create a local cache of both the already uploaded m-gd folder and the processed-but-not-uploaded m-r folder located inside the fuse-m folder. We will get to the mounts in a few pages, to make it easier to understand how it works I’ve combined this into the rclone scripts page.

If you need to brush up on any of the settings, you can check up on the Sonarr page, they’re virtually the same. Don’t forget to also set the ‘home’ for your movies to fuse-m and not m-gd, this is important. Radarr has a bunch of neat features too, like lists. Other small tips are setting up the link to plex media server so it knows to update, pushbullet (or an alternative) so you get push notifications to your phone etc and removing basic auth.

This page is a little sparse but once you get to grips with Sonarr, you’ll know everything you need to setup Radarr too.