Ombi – Allowing users to request media.

Ombi is a powerful addition to your server. This allows your users to request media to be downloaded, processed and added to plex. If it’s a TV Show, it will also grab any new episodes and process them for you, automatically.

You can install it the same way as every other package.

When installed, browse to and enter your plex credentials. After requesting the token, ensure you have the correct IP. Enable both of the user options and setup your admin account.

Next up, lets link Ombi to sonarr/radarr.

Sonarr/Radarr is just as easy, Click on Admin, settings and select either:

tick enabled
base url: /sonarr

You can get sonarrs API key from it’s settings, general page. Copy paste it in, test and save. If you run into any issues adding any of the above, ensure SSL isn’t enabled for both of them.

Ombi is another very powerful tool and requires some testing. You don’t want your users adding hundreds of items at a time and you’ll want to check up on it eventually to ensure stuff is getting snatched. A good thing to add to Ombi (and indeed Sonarr/Radarr) is a notifier like pushbullet. That way you’re notified on your phone whenever something is requested and can track its progress.

Remember to setup quality profiles in both radarr and sonarr before you start requesting stuff, along with adding indexers!