Filepath Layout

To keep everything making sense and automated, we need to have a clear plan of where everything’s going to work.

The file structure I decided upon is like this;


I’ll explain what each of those are used for.

/home/plex/tv-gd is our mountpoint for the encrypted tv folder on GD. /home/plex/m-gd is our mountpoint for the encyrpted movies folder on GD. /home/plex/m-r is the folder radarr dumps the processed movies into. /home/plex/tv-r is the folder sonarr dumps the processed tv into. /home/plex/fuse-tv is for sonarr to see what TV currently exists. It’s a fuse of tv-gd and tv-r. This means sonarr knows what TV is downloaded but not yet uploaded to tv-gd. Technically we could probably get by without this folder and the movies folder just above. /home/plex/fuse-m is for radarr and serves the same purpose as sonarr. /home/plex/temp is where plexdrive will keep it’s chunks/cache. /home/scripts is where we keep all the neato scripts we use to backup our system, automatically upload via rclone to GD and to automatically remount the GD drives should they ever unmount.

To create this structure,

mkdir /home/plex/tv-gd /home/plex/m-gd /home/plex/m-r /home/plex/tv-r /home/plex/fuse-tv /home/plex/fuse-m /home/scripts
chown -R your-quickbox-username /home/plex/tv-r /home/plex/m-r /home/plex/fuse-tv /home/plex/fuse-m

Note: Yes I know this setup is a little silly because it’s setup in /home/ and not /home/username but this server won’t be used for much else so it shouldn’t ever become an issue. If you want to set it up inside a users folder, then you’ll need to update the crontabs and scripts also.