About & Credits.

Updated: 11 June

This guide isn’t complete, I’m aware there are gaps and that it won’t work for everyone. Over the coming days I’m going to do my best to try get it working for as many as possible, if you’re having errors that aren’t covered, please do post in /r/hoardingme – Try not to PM me as reddits PM system is utter garbage and it’s difficult to keep track of PM chains.

With that said, I obviously took bits and pieces from a few guides to make this whole thing. Most importantly probably is ajkis who wrote several scripts that I incorporated and modified. Their posting on the rclone forums also were invaluable.

The people at quickbox also have made something amazing. It’s awesome to have some kind of wrapper around everything and they do a fantastic job. The only thing I’d change there is some kind of form-based login instead of basic auth (and radarr). Major props to those guys.

The people at reddit that have offered Feedback!

The 50-60 people that signed up for initial testing, there’s literally too many to mention but thanks so much! Thanks to everyone below, not in order. Some users may be listed here several times, turns out they’ve been very helpful and trying to cram their fixes into one line wouldn’t be fair.

Imapseudonorm: Menu suggestion.
andrizmitnick: VPS clarifications.
mmaster23: Google Drive clarifications.
whalingman: DNS clarifications.
Zovie0801: Cloudflare clarifications. Link
Dimtar: QB install code fix.
opaPac: Multiple. Scaleway.
ent44: Lets Encrypt & rtorrent.
ModernVape: Multiple.
redoubledit: Plex config clarifications.
tcn33: Lets Encrypt clarification.
Oc3lot409: Lets Encrypt & plex conf clarification.
Aloisamae: Text formatting fixes.
zimzamzoom2: Text formatting fixes.
sapereaud33: Quickbox install code update.
Th1n1ce: Text formatting fixes.
Arctex: Plex tunnel.
parrotnamedmrfuture: Quickbox install code update.
arontx: Raspberry Pi Adaption! Link
zimzamzoom2: Mountcheck clarification. Also, /home/user/ workaround
Huggenknubbel: rclone remote fix & backup fix.
Kenifyable: Fuse non root fix.
AudieMurphy: rclone curl fix.
Arctex: A much improved widget fix for quickbox.
Huggenknubbel: rclone bandwidth limit.
Zeledrith: sonarr alternative rtorrent connection.
Splnut: multiple typos.
iPlain: Completely rewriting the rclone setup page.