Unlimited and Automated.

This guide will walk you through the steps of setting up Plex, Rclone, Sonarr & Radarr to automate your own selfhosted netflix clone.

What you’ll need:

A moderate understanding of Linux.
A dedicated server capable of keeping up. Walker Servers, Hetzner and Frantech/BuyVM are great candidates.
A means of acquiring the content. Whether that be private torrent trackers (or public).
A domain name, Namecheap are fantastic. (to allow SSL)
A subscription to Google Drive.

What you’ll get out of it:

A system that will automatically download your wanted show/movie.
Automatically process, rename and archive your media.
Automatically encrypt & upload your media to your unlimited cloud drive account.
Link up your plex server to the mount of your cloud drive.
Automated remounting the drive automatically if it ever unmounts (which it will).
Full SSL everywhere, with reverse proxy setups for your apps to keep everything neat and tidy.

Note: This is meant as a guide and a guide only. It’s a proof of concept and for learning. As with all things, what you use it for is your own business. It details the steps taken to install everything on the specific Host I used (Walker Servers) and on the same OS (Ubuntu 20.04). If you’re using a different host or OS, there may be differences so I cannot be held accountable for any mistakes/errors that lead to failures. Always double check the commands you’re running and always have up to date backups. This is best practice in general when working on command line, not just for this guide!